Shatter Me (Twin Falls Academy #2) ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shatter Me (Twin Fall Academy #2)

Shatter Me by Arlo Arrow

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good but not great

Note: possible spoilers in paragraph #3 below.

I liked the first book in this series much better than this one. I think this one had a few flaws in the character development and in the plot, though the majority of the story was pretty good and held my interest. I had trouble at the beginning of the book because the heroine, Gypsy began with one scene where her and her three guys were at the abandoned cabin in the woods that they fixed up to be their clubhouse/meeting place and they were grilling and a forest ranger catches them so they can’t use that place anymore.

For quite a while after that she talks about how much fun she has with the guys and how she loves being with them but she doesn’t describe any specific interactions with them and I was starting to think is this all it is going to be? Her glossing over her good times with the guys in a few words? However it turns out it doesn’t take too long before she starts to have more interaction with them.

The funny thing is that these three guys are supposed to be her boyfriends, and you know how love is so overwhelming when you are young, it takes up every though in your brain during those early days, but she seems ok with going days without talking to them or hearing from them.

Then when they are together a few of them start to have issues, Maddox has issues with his Dad forcing him to join the military after high school, and at first Gypsy just sort of says something like he can’t really do that. Finally after a few times she tries to help him by giving him suggestions. Quinton gets drunk during school and mentions to her that he will be getting drunk again because of what is going on and she doesn’t do anything at all to help him or try to stop him or even talk to him about it.

I know it ends in a cliffhanger so some of these questions will be answered in the next book, but I just don’t think that is how a high school girlfriend would behave. Even if she is trying to keep the polyamorous relationship on the down low. I mean texting is on the DL. Just too many things don’t add up, even with bully Rosalie on the sidelines.

However, it was still good enough for me to want to read the next installment to find out what happens. I am a sucker for knowing the ending and having everything wrapped up in a neat little package. 😎

Lastly, since I am a very visual person, I am often initially attracted to a book due to the cover art, so let’s talk about the cover on this one. It is similar to the cover on the first book. I think it is supposed to be her school photo or something but does that look like a school picture from the 1970’s or what? Yuk! I am not liking it.

I received an ARC from Booksprout in exchange for an honest review.

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