Phenex (Fire from Heaven #3) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Phenex (Fire From Heaven Book 3)

Phenex by Ava Martell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Phenex is a much more interesting character than I originally thought

I am loving this series. Each book is furthering the adventure on Earth and our little group of Angels and the Fallen is getting larger. These are stories of good vs. evil but the funny thing is that it is not your traditional good vs. evil (i.e. Heaven vs. Hell).

God is absent in heaven and the Angels in heaven are either apathetic since the war with Lucifer, going crazy like Uriel, followers of Uriel, or Power hungry like Metatron, who was once the scribe of God, but was the last angel to talk to God. Now he rules over other Angels like he is giving orders from God, but the orders are not in line with Gods orders from before the war. So it seems like God is just gone and Metatron thinks he can take over.

In The last book Archangel, Michael, Elissa, Lucifer and Grace were able to free Phenex and Caila from the evil witch Brielle who captured them and abused them in Hell for Months. Brielle was killed but she had opened up a bunch of portals in Hell before she died and now the rest of the fallen and a bunch of demons are escaping, so it is up to our group to stop it.

The adventure is awesome as the group works together. Lucifer and Phenex are Fallen Angels, Michael and Caila are both Angels though they have been on Earth for a while and haven’t exactly been doing things that heaven approves of. Elissa is an immortal witch who is Michael’s girlfriend, and Grace is ‘The Last’ in the line of people with holy blood and is the love of Lucifer’s life.

The love story between Phenex and Caila is sweet and passionate. The characters are all well developed and new characters are being added to the ongoing storyline. I am excited for the next book Grace. Looks like we are going back to her story a bit. Hopefully we will find out more about her powers and if she is immortal. I also want to hear more about Archangel Gabriel who has been missing. I have a feeling I know where he is but don’t want to give it away.

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