Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am very new to the blogger verse so I hope everyone will bear with me for a while. If I stumble a bit at the start, hopefully I will get better.

I am starting a blog because I have been a member of Goodreads since 2017 and I have been reading more than a book a day since 2018 and reviewing all the books I read for more than a year now. I thought I would like to see if I could share my reviews with a larger audience this way.

What will you see on my blog? What genres of books do I read?

  • Romance mainly, the following sub-genres:
    • Erotic romance
    • Dark romance (including some BDSM which isn’t always dark)
    • Contemporary romance
    • Paranormal romance
    • New Adult romance
    • Young Adult romance
  • Fantasty (including fairytales and retellings)
  • Sci-fi (Like Ready Player One, Sanctuary and Containment)
  • Some Popular fiction and Nonfiction

I hope to get better at reviewing. I may eventually post my old reviews so I have more content, but be warned you will probably notice I have gotten better with time (hopefully). I try not to put in spoilers from later in the books, but I do also try to put in a good synopsis of the story. I put in my opinions about the writers and the characters, but also since I read so much (over 420 books a year), I tend to forget what a book was about if I read it a few months ago, unless it was truly original or spectacular. So if a second book comes out in that series, I like to go back to my review and be able to jog my memory rather than having to read the entire book over again. Though like I said, I try my best not to put too much details or spoilers in them, so I sometimes have to re-read the book.

I do welcome any criticism of my reviews and/or reviewing style. I haven’t yet started posting them, but hopefully they will have a date of when I originally wrote them so you will know if they are older and you can forgive those. One way to tell is my older reviews were much shorter and without images or gifs.

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